Automotive Dealership Program

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Seventh Knight and Aura are excited to introduce the new “Automotive Dealership Program.” This program provides dealerships with industry-leading cybersecurity protection solutions & services to protect them and help meet FTC Safeguard Rules, all while simultaneously providing a unique revenue-generating opportunity via their pre-existing Finance and Insurance (F&I) Process.

Included Products

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AppMoat Endpoint Protection

IBM MaaS360 Mobile Device Protection


How You Can Benefit

Aura offers dealerships and car buyers leading personal cybersecurity protection, ensuring car buyer data is protected from fraud and theft while simultaneously providing the dealership with multi-year revenue generation… all via the dealership’s pre-existing F&I Process.

By integrating Aura into the Car Buyers 5-Year Finance Agreement, a Dealership with an estimated sale of 10,000 cars per year and a 50% success upsell rate (50% = 5,000 car buyers) will generate an estimated revenue of $4MM over the typical 5-year term.

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