Ransomware is a business model that exploits weaknesses in your organizations cybersecurity infrastructure. Most modern security applications and appliances utilize whitelisting, definitions, and Artificial Intelligence, all of which require some form of updates or training to remain vigilant against threats. With over 90% of Ransomware attacks exploiting Zero-Day vulnerabilities, Seventh Knight ensures that you are protected where your other security solutions may fall short.

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Zero-Day Threats, What Are They?

Zero-Day Threats are a business’s worst nightmare as they are cyberattacks that have not been seen before and do not match any known exploitation attempts. This makes it impossible to detect by standard security measures and is often missed by primary security solutions that utilize Whitelisting, Definitions, and even Artificial Intelligence intended to detect and prevent them.

With over 4,000 new Ransomware Zero-Day Attacks being developed and utilized daily, businesses are at risk of potential breaches that could cause considerable damages and costly expenses to recover.