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    The Seventh Knight E14 enterprise class solution is installed on Microsoft Windows desktops, laptops, and tablets. This solution will also run on virtualized desktop sessions. Our patented security mechanism makes it possible to allow the user base access to run applications when they need to without further approval, but with limited access to their profile, documents, or your corporate infrastructure. Manage, disable, sandbox or remove third party applications from certain devices, groups, or everyone with a few clicks (even malware or unwanted programs such as instant messenger). Monitor suspicious activity and watch as third-party applications automatically restore to working condition after improper shutdowns or registry corruption. We manage your existing infrastructure so that your team can focus on expanding it.


    If you’re not in control, you’re not really secure.™


    The Seventh Knight concept began with a cooperative research and development contract under the United States Department of Defense over a decade ago. Seventh Knight pioneered and patented the concept of network whitelisting (down to the OS level of each individual device). Our first solutions were designed for mobile devices used in the field.


    Third party software within the devices had to self-heal automatically, non-trusted code wouldn’t execute. Data was mined at the device level and only relevant events were broadcast. Fast forward to this moment in time. Imagine your network with a version of this technology geared specifically for the enterprise. In a corporate world where systems shouldn’t fail, software ought to self-heal, and security must remain transparent yet strong, Seventh Knight Solutions were designed to stop everything from viruses and malware to corporate espionage (including insider threat and foreign governments) that want your valuable data.


    Our solutions are flexible enough that users can run non-business oriented software, and perhaps visit a few questionable websites without risking the security of their device, sensitive corporate data, or the corporate infrastructure. All of this and more is possible when you sign up for the Seventh Knight Enterprise level of solutions. Our C14 Enterprise Cloud is a management console that controls the entire Seventh Knight ecosystem as you deploy our software agents. This service may be hosted by us, or in house under your umbrella.  The E14 solution protects and manages Windows based desktops, tablets, and virtual sessions. The S14 solution is for Windows based Servers.


    Deploy our technology at your own pace, and enable only the features that you need, when you need them… in real-time. Compare features on our “Solutions” page to see what products are right for your organization, and for an in-depth view of our technology download the Universal White Paper.


    Software, services, and applications on most all of your corporate devices are automatically sectioned off into categories such as Trusted and Non-Trusted code. Everything still runs as normal, however, software that is not automatically “known good code” will run in a wrapper (sandbox) that does have access to the Internet and its own temporary, limited user profile, but cannot access personal or corporate information from the local user account, the corporate network, or other services and applications.


    Within seconds of turning on the patented Seventh Knight enterprise technology, you know exactly what software is running on your network, who is using it, and how many copies/versions there are.


    No more fear. No more infections. No more users requesting software approvals. Of course, Seventh Knight gives the option to manually approve every process and application, but we prefer to keep you secure automatically while you focus on solving other problems.


    Seventh Knight Enterprise level solutions are automated affairs. We give you the power to manually control every aspect of your network with granular options and features. However, we also give you a solution that can run itself fully, or to the extent that you feel comfortable.


    Save man power and enjoy your weekends with this feature.


    Business oriented applications are often large and complex. Even hosted applications require a device capable of connecting reliably. Seventh Knight can automatically detect damaged or missing third-party software files and corrupt registry entries. These problems can automatically “heal” when detected by replacing the corrupt pieces with a “last known good version” from the locally stored, compressed, and secured backup that Seventh Knight maintains.


    Prevent unnecessary support tickets and lost productivity with this feature.


    Because Seventh Knight has complete control over if/how/when every process and service will load on every device, we can also boost the overall performance of each machine an average of 15% by taking priority away from junk software and unnecessary processes without any additional work on your part.


    Improve the morale of the user base and extend the hardware life cycle with this feature.


    The Seventh Knight management console will automatically populate with your existing Users, Groups, and Devices. Our ecosystem melds with your existing infrastructure and hierarchy to avoid doubling up on management duties or overlapping policies. By default, your IT staff will deploy our software based agents and the rest of the work and configuration is performed automatically. IF you should decide that Seventh Knight isn’t right for your organization in the future, simply turn it off and the agents will uninstall. Your old way of doing business will resume intact within minutes.


    This feature ensures that we provide your organization with a time saving tool, not something else to manage.


    Seventh Knight takes privacy extremely seriously. We also realize that in an age of corporate espionage it is important to know what is happening on your enterprise network. We do not simply grab random data to store indefinitely, we detect abnormal activity and stream data from the affected devices in real-time for as long as the event runs its course. Imagine tracking a pdf an engineer is working on as it is renamed, moved to a portable drive or emailed outside of your network. Document leak? Go back and find every member within your organization that had access to the document. You get the idea.


    Protect your most valuable corporate assets and establish trust with this optional feature.


    A good day is when you are able to work on your projects, not other people’s issues. Our goal at Seventh Knight is to help your department have more good days. When most software issues heal themselves, non-trusted software is shutdown or has limited access, and the user base can run what they need to at 3 a.m. on a Sunday morning… good days are possible.


    This feature helps your team devote more time to getting the things done that really matter.








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