Advisory Board

Curt Vincent

Principal at Cyber Assurance Associates

Curt is a lifelong learner.  Through a set of events he was forced to leave high school to join the Army but later earned both an Electrical Engineering degree and a Master’s in Digital Communication. When he’s not working, Curt spends time as a musician and restoring vintage microphones.  He and his wife Maria currently live in Connecticut.A cyber security maverick and entrepreneur, Curt Vincent has dedicated his career to helping companies and organizations minimize risk and thwart would-be attackers.  Curt is well-known for his work as Executive Director at Morgan Stanley where he founded, built and lead the 400 person Cyber Security Division over a 15-year period.  Curt has served as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for the Operations Command Center at Bank of America and as VP of a Dev/Ops team at Goldman Sachs.  Curt is also a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel who was recalled to active in a by-name request following 9/11 to be the Operations Officer of the Army’s Global Network and Security Operations Center.  Curt also teaches Cyber Security as an Adjunct Professor at Mercy College.