Advisory Board

Michael Shields

Founder and Managing Partner, eLogic

After a twenty-year career as a Fortune 500 executive, Mike founded eLogic in 1999 and for the next seventeen years, as President and CEO, built a highly successful consulting and technology company recognized as Microsoft and SAP’s inner circle of partners. Following the successful 2017 transition of his CEO role to Kris Shields, Mike has remained Managing Partner and E.V.P., driving eLogic’s product development and software offerings to transition to a recurring revenue model, offering cutting-edge IOT and Advanced Analytics products that enable manufacturers to adapt to the digital economy.

Prior to founding eLogic, Mike held executive management positions in Fortune 500 industrial and process industry companies including ITT Industries, Goulds Pumps and Exxon Mobil Corporation. Mike's diverse manufacturing sector background includes a balance of operating and technology leadership positions including Chief Information Officer, Vice President and General Manager, and Vice President of Marketing and Customer Service. Throughout Mike's management career the common thread has been a strong focus on improving business results through process optimization and technology leverage. Personally, Mike is a high-energy level professional equally capable at the strategy and implementation level, working with other executive teams to achieve ‘game-changer’ outcomes.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the University of Rochester. He is a recognized thought-leader with a broad range of publications, and is a sought-after consultant to top executives on complex business challenges.

For the past fifteen years, Mike has been a Board Chairman and leader for one of the most successful rural health initiatives in the North of Haiti; and is committed to several community and charitable causes in the U.S. Under Mike’s influence eLogic remains a strong contributor to many philanthropic and charitable causes shared by eLogic employees and families. Personally, he has a lengthy resume as a rock-climber and mountaineer, and remains active in long-course endurance athletics.