The Automated Enterprise Safety Net™

Meet AppMoat®

•  Runs in tandem with a primary security product.

•  Intercepts when the primary security product has failed.

•  Confines non-trusted code to a “secure window”.

•  Turns every end-point into a network sensor.


AppMoat® was built around patented technology

originally developed for the U.S. Dept. of Defense.


    AppMoat for Microsoft Windows based end-points is a centrally managed enterprise security tool that runs in tandem with a primary security product such as an anti-virus solution. AppMoat was built around patented technology originally developed for the U. S. Department of Defense. AppMoat automatically intercepts when unrecognized or hijacked code makes it onto the end-point without action from the primary security solution. If the AppMoat network service cannot verify the code as “trusted” then AppMoat will notify the IT department and only allow the end-point(s) to run the code within a secure window. This prevents credit card skimmer software, cryptolocker style exploits, and viral outbreaks from unpatched machines from using the signed in credentials, accessing network resources, grabbing session data, accessing the local user account’s private data and contacts, or affecting the local operating system. 


    The AppMoat secure window allows the rogue software to function like a normal program if it is legitimate software, but AppMoat limits access to the user’s profile data, contacts, network identity, and the local operating system. This allows for a safe but unrecognized program to run properly without delay, and the user base remains happy with the freedom to run whatever they choose. (This scenario assumes the code has already made it past the perimeter defense, domain policy, and primary endpoint security solution.) However, if the code was malicious, then AppMoat has prevented a potential nightmare. AppMoat only intercepts if the primary security product has failed to identify a threat.

    AppMoat - The Automated Enterprise Safety Net













    Broad Hardware Support

    Minimal Software Restrictions

    Automated Management

    Broad Application Support

    Low IT Overhead

    Supports Child Processes

    Supports VM Sessions

    Full System Protection

    Application Privacy

    Minimal Performance Impact

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    Process Virtualization



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