Powerful Endpoint Management

"We invited Seventh Knight to partner with us on solutions for our IBM Security MaaS360 users because the embedded AppMoat360 technology powered by IBM MaaS360 closes the door through which bad actors can attack with Zero Day or Ransomware. AppMoat360 is an elegant but straight forward and user-friendly embedded solution to an ever growing and expensive problem for companies, governments, and service providers"

Juan C. Perez
MaaS360 NA MSP Business Development Leader
IBM Security

Adding IBM’s MaaS360 Mobile Device Protection to Seventh Knight’s AppMoat Security-as-a-Service solution provides businesses with an expanded layer of protection covering both Android and iOS to Windows devices in a solution we call AppMoat360. Customers can choose their subscription level of device management capabilities in MaaS360 to add to their order of AppMoat Security-as-a-Service, creating a customized AppMoat360 package deal.

IBM MaaS360 Subscription Levels

All IBM MaaS360 subscription levels are sold as an
add-on to the AppMoat Security-as-a-Service solution

Essentials Subscription
5.00Per Device

Manage and secure users, smartphones, tablets, laptops and apps, enabled by cognitive insights with Watson.

Device Management
App Management
Identity Management
Patch Management
Premier Subscription
7.25Per Device

Add content management, secure browser, application security, and network access protection.

Secure Browser
Unlimited viewers and commenters
Gateway for Apps & Documents
App Security
Enterprise Subscription
10.00Per Device

Transform your business with the ultimate package for enterprise protection and productivity.

Mobile Document Editor
Mobile Document Sync
Mobile Threat Management