Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use software deployment software, such as PDQ and SCCM to deploy AppMoat to endpoints?

Each AppMoat install is customized for your install needs. Our engineering team has experience with many software distribution tools and is ready to assist you with your AppMoat deployment.

Does AppMoat work with Legacy Windows Operating Systems?

In short, yes, it does!  We support an array of Windows Desktop and Server Operating Systems, going back to Windows XP and Server 2003.  

We develop custom software and have internal developers;
will AppMoat interfere?

No.  AppMoat has user groups and customizable features to ensure your software developers can work without interruption while ensuring their endpoints are safe.  

Who can contact Seventh Knight for Support?

Each customer can authorize up to three (3) people to contact support and confirm file approvals. If you utilize an MSP for service support, they may contact support and verify file approvals for your business.  

We need the ability to push policies and manage applications on remote endpoints. Can AppMoat help?

AppMoat360, with IBM’s MaaS360 integrated, can help provide the mobile device management functionality you are looking for.  Check out our AppMoat360 for more details and pricing.  

How often is AppMoat updated?

The AppMoat Engineering Team is continuously innovating and regularly adding new features and functionalities to AppMoat.