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Kelly Lopez

Director MaaS360® Solutions

Kelly has over 15 years of professional experience in marketing, social media management, and professional writing. She has worked, in the past, for Blizzard Entertainment as an English-language web editor and has worked for numerous businesses as a social media marketing specialist and online marketing manager. She also has experience and expertise in writing documentation, providing technical support services, and working one-on-one with customers to resolve any issues they encounter.

Kelly graduated with honors from Mississippi College in 2002 and has spent the years since honing her writing and communication skills. She speaks both English and French and can read many other languages. Her talent with languages is not limited to the spoken realm but also encompasses computer languages. She is fluent in HTML, CSS, SQL, PHP, and JavaScript and has recently begun to work towards mastering C++, C#, and Java. Beyond that, she is also a published novelist with four titles to her credit and is working on three additional works which she hopes to publish soon. She has a wide range of interests, studying everything from the Uncanny Valley effect in modern games to ethical hacking to the Pentarchy in the Roman Empire.

Kelly loves to read, write, program, game, and currently resides in Jackson, MS.

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Kelly Lopez

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