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Matthew Cox

Vice President Engineering / Support

As VP of Engineering at Seventh Knight, Matthew brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Matthew assists the team at Seventh Knight with many challenges and obstacles. He develops standards and procedures to further ensure that standards of the highest quality are consistently met. Matthew is responsible for the satisfaction of customers by attending to their needs in a timely and friendly manner.

Matthew attended both Hinds Community College and Holmes Community College in pursuit of associate of arts degrees in business administration and computer science respectively.

Previously, Matthew partnered in a successful startup, where he assisted in doubling the staff as well as revenue in less than a year’s time. He oversaw the development team and helped acquire new business.

Matthew is also an avid coder. He has built and developed mobile apps, websites and other tools for business such as Newk’s Eatery, LitePoint, and Mars Foods.

In his free time, Matthew enjoys hiking the local trails and indulging in flotation therapy.

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Matthew Cox

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